New Threat Center Endpoint

To effectively and efficiently respond to threats, you can now use the Exabeam API to search and retrieve details for alerts and cases in Threat Center. For more information, see the Threat Center endpoint.


New Region Support for Switzerland

The Exabeam API now supports deployments in the Switzerland region (europe-west6 in GCP).


New Site Collector Onboarding Support

You can now use the Exabeam API to programmatically set up Site Collectors without using the user interface. For more information, see Site Collectors endpoints.


New Use Cases Endpoint

You can now use the Exabeam API to retrieve use case information including description, scenarios, and category. For more information, see the Get a list of all use cases endpoint.


​New Delete Context Table Endpoint​​

​A new endpoint is available for the Context Management service that allows for the deletion of specific context tables. A table ID is required to specify the table for deletion along with All table records are deleted. Optionally, unused custom attributes can also be deleted. The new API endpoint is: ​DELETE /context-management/v1/tables/{id}​​

To try the new API, see Delete a specific context table.


Correlation Rules Filtering

The Correlation Rule endpoint now introduces the nameContains parameter to enable you to filter results by a partial or full rule name. For more information, see Correlation Rules - Get all rules.

Endpoint for Deleting Correlation Rules

An endpoint for deleting correlation rules by ID is now available. See Delete a correlation rule.


Correlation Rules Endpoints

New API endpoints have been introduced to support viewing, creating, and updating correlation rules. See the following:


Context Collector Endpoints - Deprecation Notice

The Context Collectors endpoints are now renamed and organized as Context Management. To facilitate this change, a new path is now available: context-management/v1.


Context Management Endpoints

New Context Management endpoints are available to support the following use cases: