Correlation Rules Filtering

The Correlation Rule endpoint now introduces the nameContains parameter to enable you to filter results by a partial or full rule name. For more information, see Correlation Rules - Get all rules.

Endpoint for Deleting Correlation Rules

An endpoint for deleting correlation rules by ID is now available. See Delete a correlation rule.


Correlation Rules Endpoints

New API endpoints have been introduced to support viewing, creating, and updating correlation rules. See the following:


Context Collector Endpoints - Deprecation Notice

The Context Collectors endpoints are now renamed and organized as Context Management. To facilitate this change, a new path is now available: context-management/v1.


Context Management Endpoints

New Context Management endpoints are available to support the following use cases:


Search Enhancement

The following enhancements are now available with Search:


Audit Log Support

You can now search for audit logs using the Exabeam API. For more information, see Search audit events.